Big Data in Pure Mathematics 2022

May 21—22, Boston University (online)

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We are happy to announce that the workshop Big Data in Pure Mathematics 2022 will take place online from May 21 to May 22, 2022.

This informal workshop brings together people who work in and around mathematical databases, such as LMFDB, OEIS, Graded Ring Database, Fungrim, ISC, House of Graphs, Lean/mathlib, polyDB, Order Types, Lattices, Stein-Watkins database, FindStat, PHOEG, Magma databases, Knot Atlas, Atlas of Finite Group Representations, Atlas of Lie Groups and Representations, Calabi-Yau data, SyzygyData, Manifold atlas, Characteristic Polynomial Database, Code Tables, Database of Ring Theory, ISGCI, MathDataHub, nLab, Wolfram MathWorld, Encylopedia of Mathematics, and NumberDB.

Mathematical databases are becoming more and more important as fundamental research tools. With the emergence of increasingly complex data sets throughout mathematics, new database related issues arise, such as accessibility and searchability, long-term storage and stable referencing, collaborations, contributions and quality control, as well as the interlinking of data, also with other databases and computer algebra systems. The aim of this workshop is to exchange ideas and to build bridges, perhaps making a step towards a utopian ideal platform for mathematical data.

The speakers include

Anybody wishing to attend is welcome to register. (Deadline for registration: May 20.)

See you virtually in Boston!

Benjamin Matschke

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